Community Presbyterian Preschool - Program Overview


Young children learn by hands-on participation. We teach to the whole child – the physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual.

In the Classroom

Our teachers understand that children learn best by doing. Our curriculum offers children ways to explore their world in a hands-on way. We offer a balance of academic and play-based educational opportunities. Our teachers offer small group, large group, and individualized learning experiences.


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Children are given time and opportunities to explore, create, be curious, try new ideas, enter into imaginary play, and begin to make their own choices. Through developmentally appropriate curriculum, children will learn about their world by touching, tasting, listening, smelling, doing, and observing.


The exploration of art, music, literature, math, science, dramatic play, building, sensory, motor development, chapel, reading, writing, tracing, math/reading skill builders, and outdoor activities encourages choice making, awareness of self, and relationships with peers and the teachers.


Large group, small group, teacher-led, and child-initiated activities and individual discovery add excitement and enrichment to our program while children safely investigate and explore the world around them. Curriculum is planned with an awareness of each child’s individual needs and abilities.


Motor Development Class

Your child will partake in motor development for 30 minutes each week. This specific curriculum helps children develop large muscle and large motor skills, better eye-hand and foot-hand coordination, and balance. We offer mat work, low balance beams, coordination ladder, under / over cross bars, bouncing balls, scooter boards, ramp and jump boxes, and mini trampolines.


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We are blessed to have a large play yard where the children can run, swing, climb, roll, slide, ride bikes and scooters, pull friends in wagons, play ball, do music and movement, and construct with blocks and ramps. Sand, water, art, sensory tables, and block building are available daily. Our outdoor space is more than twice the state-mandated square footage per child.


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