CPC's School Supply Donation Drive Successful!



Kinoshia School Supply Donation

CPC's large donation of school supplies is there ahead of the students.

Thank you from the staff and students of Kinoshita Elementary School!

In the many bags are dozens of backpacks. Neatly sorted underneath are stacks of notebooks, binders, piles of scissors and erasers, calculators, dictionaries, a plethora of leaded and multicolor pencils, highlighters, plus more glue sticks than ought to be assembled in one place.

Kinoshita Elementary School Principal José Luis Pedraza greets Eric Piper (on left) as he delivers your 2017 contributions. Eric and Beryl Piper (friends of CPC) also deliver themselves at Kinoshita weekly as tutors. They heard about this volunteer activity through our congregation, explored the possibility, and invite you to consider joining them.

Community Presbyterian Church each year donates school supplies, recognizing the stake we all have in our public schools. Kinoshita Elementary School (2 Via Positiva, San Juan Capistrano) and Community Presbyterian are deep-seated neighbors and partners.