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The Orange County Jail Ministry was established 85 years ago.  Over fifty local Protestant churches, including Community Presbyterian Church, participate in this program.  Don and Julie Boyd are the CPC contacts for this ministry.  Every second Tuesday of the month, Don takes a team into Theo Lacy (the men’s jail in Santa Ana) for services and Bible studies.  Don is a chaplain with the ministry.   As such he goes to the jail four or five times a month to supervise church groups and to conduct Bible studies.  Additionally, he goes to the jail several times a month to counsel inmates individually.

The CPC Deacons annually donate financially toward the continued operation of this ministry. 

Don and Julie would welcome more interested persons to accompany them to the jail as they pursue this ministry.   Volunteers are required to submit an application and participate in a screening process.  Once approved as a volunteer, a minimum number of hours per year of volunteering service is required to keep the volunteer badge current.  If you are interested in working in this ministry, please call the church office at (949) 493-1502 for additional information.


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