Community Presbyterian Church - What Are These
Congregational Meetings?


Community Presbyterian Church (CPC) is not only part of our Denomination and Presbytery – CPC is also a legal corporation in the State Of California.

Our denomination and the State require us to have at least an annual meeting to:

  • Elect corporate officers, as opposed to Elders and Deacons
  • Plus any matters required by the State of California
  • To constitute the 2016 Church Nominating Committee, which is a committee of the congregation, not of the Session
  • To set the Pastor’s remuneration.
  • To create and dissolve Pastoral relationships

And: Sometimes, it is a time for food (never pass this up)
And: It is a time for general reflection on the prior year at CPC
And: It is a time for Questions and Responses

When food is planned, we stay for the lunch and the meeting after worship. Otherwise, the meeting is held immediately after worship in the sactuary.

During the week prior to the meeting, all persons on the CPC Express email newsletter list will receive an email with the full contents of the current meeting. If it is an Annual Meeting, the Annual Report (this is information from all the ministry areas of the congregation) will be included as well. A printed copy of this report will be available if you ask in the church office.

If this meeting is a lunch meeting, before worship on the day of the meeting, everyone brings their pot lunch contributions to the Fellowship Hall kitchen. After worship on Sunday, the day of the meeting – if lunch is scheduled,
--we will move downstairs:
--first for lunch
--then for the meeting of the corporation
--and other general discussion that is appropriate.

If no lunch is scheduled,
--the meeting of the corporation will occur in the sanctuary
--and other general discussion that is appropriate.

If it is an Annual Meeting,
--there will be a limited number of print copies of the Annual Report available at this time





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