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Little Free Library


Little Free Library

Community Presbyterian Church (CPC), San Juan Capistrano is the oldest Protestant church in the Capistrano Valley. At 98 years old, our congregation was founded on a need for education when 3 women started a Sunday school. Education remains a CPC focus and the role literacy plays in education is critical. As a result, CPC has established a Little Free Library, in addition to its Homework Club education activities.

We are excited to announce that Community Presbyterian Church is home to a Little Free Library! The library was built as a way to CONNECT the church, school and community.


Little Free Library DedicationA special Dedication Ceremony took place on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 following the worship service to commemorate our new Little Free Library which is available to everyone in the community. CPC is sharing its love of reading and learning with the community it serves.

You may be asking yourself, “What is a Little Free Library?” Little Free Library is a non-profit world-wide organization made up of over 50,000 tiny libraries where books are exchanged for free. Children’s books, young adult novels, non-fiction, and fiction are all welcome. Their motto, “take a book, return a book”, is the driving force to encourage book exchanges.

Community Presbyterian Church’s little library will be registered with the Little Free Little Free LibraryLibrary organization. Our hope is to become a place where people of all ages are encouraged to keep returning to share their love of reading with others.

Our little library was upcycled by David Beck out of a chest of drawers. The doors have corkboards on the inside where people can post information about our church and school events, FAM, and community events. The Little Free Library is located on the CPC campus at the front entrance near the double gates and the children’s playground.

We need your help! We need to keep the library stocked with new or used children’s books, young adult books, and adult fiction and non-fiction books. If you have books you would like to donate, drop them by the church or school office. The kindergarten class has shelves where donated books can be stored so we can be sure the library stays stocked.

Community Presbyterian Church, San Juan Capistrano invites you to check out our Little Free Library. We hope you will take a book that looks interesting and return a book that you would like to share with others. Our library houses books of all genres for all ages. Anyone can take a book – or two, or five. There’s no obligation to return them, though that’s always welcome. And visitors are encouraged to leave a book or two of their own. It's all about literacy.

For more information visit or speak with Megan Beck through the church office.
Serving you and the community,

The Community Involvement Committee




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